SERENA´S SURROUNDINGS: An evening in San José´s Downtown

Whether you’re looking for some fun in the sun, a place to relax, or everything in between, you’ll never be short on things to do in San Jose del Cabo. You can’t visit San Jose del Cabo without spending time on the beach, and 350 days of sunshine every year means anytime is an excellent time to visit. The all-inclusive resorts lining Playa Hotelera offer beach loungers perfect for sunbathing or continuing south along the coast to Costa Azul Beach for the best waves in town.

Experience the rich wildlife of Los Cabos by visiting the Cabo Adventures Dolphine Center, in front of Serena Residences to swim with dolphins or encounter numerous endemic birds and plants at the Estero San José.  Treat yourself to an afternoon of play and relaxation. Hopefully, the scenic views overlooking the Sea of Cortez at the world-class Vidanta Golf Course don’t distract you while going for par on the greens.

San Jose del Cabo offers plenty of history as well.  Plaza Mijares is a favorite place to meet up, hang out, or simply enjoy people-watching. This historical plaza is home to the iconic Misión San José del Cabo. The church dates back to 1730 and remains a symbol of the town and culture. Visitors are permitted inside to admire the ornate décor and religious-inspired art.

Less than 5 minutes by car from Serena Residences, you can enjoy a walking tour of the town, starting in Plaza Mijares. Tours wind through cobblestoned streets and colonial buildings, stopping at the San Jose del Cabo town hall — one of San Jose’s historical landmarks. The construction took nearly 40 years to construct and was inaugurated finally in 1927 (the clock tower was completed in 1930).

Stop by the colorful “Los Cabos” letter sign, considered a rite of passage for people visiting Los Cabos and an Instagram “must.”

Art and Culture in San Jose del Cabo

As if Mexico isn’t already known for its vibrant and colorful culture, you’re sure to see plenty of it while visiting San Jose del Cabo. It’s a place where art and culture are a regular part of life, and you can experience it from street vendors to art galleries.

Visiting the Gallery District is one of the top things to do in San Jose del Cabo to browse the best local talent on the peninsula. Contemporary works in Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery, peculiar sculptures in the Frank Arnold Gallery, or the fine art adorning the walls of Galeria de Ida Victoria make good places to start.

Plan to spend your Thursday evening at the weekly Art Walk hosted in the Gallery District, where a few blocks are closed off to cars so that locals and visitors alike can enjoy art displayed in the streets and live music and eats.

Dining in San José del Cabo

If you’re ever stuck on what to eat in San Jose del Cabo or where to shop, simply head to Plaza Mijares, and you’ll quickly find tons of options lining the streets of the downtown district. San Jose del Cabo is a foodie destination where the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine mix with international dishes to appeal to tourists. And you can’t forget about tasting some of the best seafood you’ve ever had, likely caught the same day it’s served.

La Lupita is a favorite taco spot (aside from street tacos); sample tastes unique, artisanal-style tacos.  Alternatively, delight in the charming setting of Los Tres Gallos for home-cooked-style Mexican favorites. Jardín Secreto opened recently and gave a relaxed, minimalist vibe amid firepits and tropical vegetation. garden-to-table cuisine is on the menu but save room for the Wood-fired pizzas matched with an aromatic Baja wine.

Los Tamarindos is an organic farm and restaurant near the San Jose del Cabo estuary and operates out of a farmhouse dating back to the 19th Century. Similarly, don’t miss Flora Farms, a 25-acre organic working farm and home to Flora’s Field Kitchen, serving locally grown and healthy ingredients in creative and inspiring presentations.

Shopping in San Jose del Cabo

There are many small boutique shops around town where you’ll find unique gifts for yourself (or friends back home). Shop locally-made handicrafts at vendors set up in Plaza Mijares or visit the small boutique shops where the local shop owners love to meet travelers and share exciting facts about items in their stores.

Among the favorites is Shima Shima, which specializes in Mexican-made finds. Find neon-colored pom pom necklaces and elaborate weaves from the Tenango Valley of Hidalgo, wide-brimmed beach hats, and colorful cotton dresses.

Check out some crazy home goods at Caravane Cabo, a design lover’s paradise full of artisanal finds like scoop chairs that look like avocados (another Instagram must). Find an array of handcrafted straw bags adorned with sequined Day of the Dead skulls and brightly colored wooden folk art sculptures from Oaxaca at Choya Rose.

Nightlife in San Jose del Cabo

When most people think about nightlife in Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas is always at the top of their minds. But while Cabo San Lucas is full of international-style clubs and wild parties for dancing until the early morning hours, San Jose del Cabo delivers its own nightlife experiences that might be more of your speed. San Jose del Cabo has plenty of places to enjoy an evening or night out with friends. In El Centro, near the Gallery district, you can find fun bars like Mixology and 12 Onzas that serve tasty cocktails. Also, if you hang around restaurants like Don Sanchez and Shooters long enough, the tables full of hungry patrons transition into ordering rounds of drinks at the bar.

If you’re looking for the best-handcrafted drinks in San Jose del Cabo, grab a seat at Dalton Gin Bar or Cuervo’s House and watch the bartender put on a crafty display of drink-making. And right next door to Cuervo’s House is La 29, where it only costs 29 pesos to have a fun night out!. The great-grandson of Jose Cuervo hosts private tequila tastings and classes at his restaurant downtown. Tequila tasting is also on the roster if you know where to look. Jorge has studied everything about tequila and makes an entertaining, educating, and spirited few hours for those who want new stories to share at their next dinner party.

San Jose del Cabo is a captivating destination, if only for its beauty, history, color, and amiable locals. Visit San Jose del Cabo if you want to escape the trendy tourist areas of Los Cabos for some quirky local culture.